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Having worked in the Marketing departments at Bonalac, Lactalis Nestlé and PepsiCo, I then worked agency-side with big corporations but also with small and medium sized companies from various sectors but mainly within the consumer goods sector:: Carrefour, Décathlon, Bongrain (Vieux Pané, Etorki, Bresse Bleu), Distriborg (Bjorg, Tanoshi), Libeltex (Home Iso), Sud’n’Sol (Les Ensoleil’ades), Candia, Florette (Créaline), Madrange, Metro, Taaj, TPF France, Zapetti…


A self-employed consultant since 2014, I now work with BtoC and BtoB companies of all sizes and from all sectors. I am also a freelancer for design agencies, digital agencies and traditional communication agencies (of all sizes) who require assistance during periods of heavy workload or who require my expertise on a specific project.


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” My meeting with Amandine was decisive because unlike other service providers who offer websites, logos, flyers, Amandine presented herself as a specialist in brand strategy. She does “only that” but for me brand strategy constitutes the essential basis for good communication. I entrusted her with a first assignment that was to audit the existing. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of her analysis and her level of detail regarding our positioning, our strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed working with Amandine for her professionalism, her listening skills, her creativity and her responsiveness. I am very satisfied with the result. We have created the “foundations” for SISTEM Provence’s communication and brand image for the days, months and years to come. Many thanks to Amandine. I strongly recommend her. “

Olivier Arnal – Manager, SISTEM Provence

” Professionalism, responsiveness, involvement, availability and sincerity are how I would qualify my collaboration with Amandine. She did some in-depth groundwork to understand the market and very quickly identified Seven Stone’s weaknesses – a brand that I had created less than a year earlier. Above all, she was able to put into words the values that I wanted to convey through this project and that I had never been able to (or knew how to) express until then. Her contribution facilitated Artistic Director’s creative work as well as our overall collaboration. Upon completion of her assignment, the business impact was immediate: an American importer with whom I had been in contact from the start but who was not fully convinced by the first brand placed a first large order. If another project were to see the light of day, I would not hesitate to call Amandine once again. “

François Tissot – Winemaker and Oenologist

” I worked with Amandine for 2 years on Bon app’ Carrefour, a new brand of snacking and ‘Reflets de France’ products, the leading brand for local products in France. Together, on Bon app’, we created the brand name, the packaging and communication graphic identity, segmentation and the marketing narrative. On ‘Reflets de France’, we modernized the graphic identity and worked on the creation of the website, among other things. Her advice and analysis were always very much appreciated by the whole Carrefour team. What I appreciated most in our collaboration was her ability to listen, to understand our needs, and the relevance of her recommendations while never losing sight of consumer expectations. She has always been very responsive, available and rigorous, which makes her a trustworthy person with whom I have enjoyed working. “

Anne-Charlotte Lataste – Brand Manager Reflets de France, Carrefour

” The importance of calling upon professionals with added value and experience in their respective fields of expertise seemed crucial to me before launching the Beforgo brand. That’s why when I met Amandine, and after exchanging with her about her background and know-how, I told myself that her vision would undoubtedly be an asset in accurately positioning the brand and implementing the brand strategy. I was proven right because together we produced some great collaborative work and Amandine was able, thanks to her personality and expertise, to subtly and gently put her thoughts forward and contribute to the greater project. Beforgo is proud to have benefited from her knowledge and her efficient work process to achieve a convincing result that will accompany our brand for a long time to come! Thank you Amandine, made with curiosity and creativity! “

Virginie Gentil – Founder, Beforgo

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