We often think that coming up with a name is simple because it is ‘technically’ accessible to all. However, naming is not simply about coming up with a name that you like, the name has to convey your identity and your personality, and must resonate with your target audience.

 It is the result of carefully thought out process that may vary both in length and in complexity (mainly because of the legal aspect). This is why I never come up with a name without having established the strategy before hand.

1 - Brand strategy

Together we outline your future brand’s raison d’être. What the name will have to convey and whom it will have to convey it to. Learn more.

2 - Establishing creative angles

I suggest several angles because a brand identity can be expressed in different ways, each with its own lexical field and key ideas, then we brainstorm together.

3 - Detailed research

I perform a deep-dive on the ideas from the previous step, exploring them from every angle and loosing myself on the net, in dictionaries, on translators… I quickly check their availability on the INPI website (National Institute of Industrial Property) on Google.

4 - Name suggestions

I present my ideas to you, each one backed up with a reasoning because once again, name finding is the result of carefully thought out process, not just an impulse or a personal preference.

5 - Creating a shortlist

Together we select the names that we feel work best so that I can fine tune them should it be necessary (for each idea I may test a number of terms or find synonyms), and subsequently perform a more in-depth legal research to abandon those that are too risky from the outset (with the help of my lawyer).

6 - Legal verification

My first word-for-word check isn’t enough: we now need to check that no other brand’s name is too close to our idea, be it phonetically or in terms of meaning. To do so, only a lawyer is authorised to perform a thorough patent search.
Finding a low-risk name (because zero-risk does not exist) is by far the most tedious part, and it often occurs that, without there being anything we can do to foresee it, our first choice name is too risky and we have to have a second name verified, and so on.

7 - Logo creation

A name alone is an empty shell! To transmit an impacting message, it must be accompanied by graphic symbols (shapes, colors …) and a baseline that make sense. The baseline, also called tagline or signature, is integrated into the logo. It must explain or complete the name. If it is descriptive of your activity, it can be accompanied by a slogan (used outside the logo in addition on communication media) which will be more emotional and if it is more emotional, the slogan may be more descriptive. There are no rules, but global communication must be complete and consistent.

Having trouble finding a brand name?